Let us design and build a machine for you!

Using our patented design, we can design and build an amphibious vehicle just right for you! Because these vehicles are customed designed and built to meet your needs, you can choose between steel or aluminum hull, gas or diesel engines, and hydraulics or gear drive transmissions.

Maneuverable and Easy to Operate!

Our vehicles are incredibly maneuverable, and easy to operate. On land, these vehicles are comparable in speed to any other piece of heavy equipment, except when driven side to side, and then they are up to three times faster than forward or reverse. And, they can turn 360 degrees within their own radius!

In the water, the augers work like water pumps to propel them, and they easily obtain optimum water speeds. And being amphibious, the transition from water to land is as simple as changing gears!

Our staff is ready to assist you in determing the exact specifications to meet you needs!


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